Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Patrick's Day !

This is one day before St. Patrick's Day - - the wearing of the Green - - Hope you have something Green to wear tomorrow - - -as the U.S.A. celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Look what's blooming in my Yard !   And, I've not done anything to it - - Notice there are NO Leaves - - but nevertheless - - my 'new' Neighbor says it makes for a 'stunning' (?) sight as she  drives down our driveway each day.

I look forward to planting my Caladium Bulbs - - once the Cool Spell is over !
They are so E-Z to grow !


  1. Your purple wisteria blooms are pretty. They have no leaves when they bloom. After blooming, the leaves come on the Vine and then You can put a trellis in it or an arbor and it will the vines will extend on it. Is this the little cuttIng I gave you?

    1. Yes - - it's the Cutting you gave me - - I had no idea it would bloom. I must admit - it really is Beautiful.


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