Friday, March 17, 2017

Serving Cat-Fish Dinner - - w/ WMU Ladies

The Church W.M.U. Ladies of which I'm joyfully a part of - - was asked to serve Dinner for the 'Church Brotherhood' this Sunday afternoon  4-6:00 - - - as they enjoy their Fried Catfish Dinner  while listening to Evangelist Sammy Tippet !  Ofcourse by 'serving' this special group of Church Brotherhood, the W.M.U. Ladies will be able to also enjoy the delicious Fried Catfish Dinner.  I truly enjoy serving with my Special Ladies in W.M.U. - - which also includes most of my Special Sunday School LadiesTogether, we make up a very Special Group of Ladies.  (Wish I would have captured the desire to serve in the Kitchen  earlier in life ! - - so much Fun & Laughter in the Kitchen ! )

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