Wednesday, July 18, 2018

In Memory of Uncle Jack

In Memory of Uncle Jack - - 1932 - 2018
Uncle Jack was my Uncle - My Neighbor - My Friend who ministered to my Dad when necessary.
I'm going to miss our conversations on Religious & Political topics.  He was a good 'ole guy.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Happy Birthday, Kenneth !

Celebrating 62 on your Birthday can really be fun !   Bobbie & Randy hosted Kenneth's  (Randy's brother) 62nd Birthday on Saturday.  Bobbie truly married a Great Chef - - Randy's  Lunch was delicious.   I personally enjoyed the "Likes" on my Facebook Page from the Ladies within my Sunday School Class - - of whom I never mentioned the Lunch - - verifying that people really do read "Facebook" - -(so be careful what U post !)  I enjoyed the "Likes" on my Facebook Page from my Family, also.

Happy Birthday, Kenneth !
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

V.B.S. - - Still on !!

Yes - V.B.S. is still going on at my Church - - how? - you may ask - - well, now that V.B.S. is over, we are delivering "Info" to the Parents - - hoping to attract their attention to Judson's Church Family.  I have 17 little envelopes (with Candy) to distribute - - How successful have I been ? - - the answer is none - - it's been raining every day since V.B.S  (almost every day) - - but it's on my List of Things to Do.

I have reminisced over the JOY that I truly experienced while serving in V.B.S. for 1 week.  I truly enjoyed seeing Family Members each day as some Attended V.B.S. - some Served in "Car Pool" - one actually sang on the Praise Team each day during V.B.S. - It was truly a Joy to interact with my Family each day - - so early in the morning !  

I also enjoyed bonding with my Sunday School Ladies each day - -

But - - - I must admit - - it's a very special Blessing to Serve in the same V.B.S. of which I grew up.  Yes, a few of the same People that taught me when I was a Child  & - - a few that attended with me - - were there the week of V.B.S.  It's truly a JOY !    Yes - I'm looking forward to next year.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing to attend a Birthday Party of  a New Friend of Mine scheduled for this Saturday.  

Life is Good !

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Vacation Bible School - - Count Down !

Sooooo looking forward to using a Week's Vacation to serve in Vacation Bible School - working with the 4th Graders It's been such enjoyment as I prepare with my Sunday School Ladies & my "Women on Mission" Group.  I must say the "Promotional Ministry" for V.B.S. has been my favorite thus far.  This includes distributing items to the "Church Children" & going into the Neighborhoods promoting V.B.S.   I'm sooooo looking forward to serving in V.B.S.  the week of June 18th.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018

Today's the day - - Begin Walking !

Flashcard alphabet W is for walking
Well - - today's the Day - - I'm so looking forward to beginning my Walking Exercise this evening - - after working all day.  After being indoors during the Winter on several Snow-filled days, I can greatly use the Exericse !  I plan to begin a mile and then gradually increase the distance.  This will drastically change my Evening Schedule after getting in from work - - but soooo looking forward to it - - enjoying my walk around the neighborhood.

My Sunday School Ladies wants me to Retire - - so I can organize a Walking Group during the Mornings - around our  Church Baseball Field (with LOTS of trees - - will be cool)  !  

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Promoting V.B.S.

This coming Saturday - - looking forward to joining Judson's "Women on Mission" to prepare  the Promotional Items for the upcoming Vacation Bible School.  Saturday, Judson's "Women on Mission" will  meet at the Church to prepare those promotional items to be distributed to our Church Family on Sunday.  So much preparation goes into V.B.S. - so much behind the scenes - - but a lot of fun.  It's only 6 weeks away !
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