Friday, January 20, 2017

The 45th President of the U.S. of America

Today I had the Freedom to watch on television at my Employment the 45th Inauguration of the President of the United States.   I'm so Thankful that our Vice-President, Pence placed his right hand on the Bible Scripture Verse of II Chronicles 7:14 as he was sworn into office - - which is posted on the right-side of this Blog.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Meals on Wheels - - Begin Tonight !

I was going to cancel my Blog - - but then, I said - - what the heck - - I enjoy typing - - so I'll continue typing my Blog for awhile.  So here goes......

Tonight - - Meals on Wheels begin again (after the Holidays) at Judson !   It's  Spaghetti &  Meatballs for Wednesday Evening Supper at Judson.  This Evening, I'll be delivering five (5) meals.  Four (4) of those will be to two (2) Elderly Married Couples - - each of whose Spouse has Cancer.  And, the other is to an elderly Widow, Ms. Jeanne.

Nothing is ever as E-Z as it appears - - -yes, it's E-Z to deliver meals to someone's door-step - - -however - - I managed to one evening lock the Elderly Widow, Ms. Jeanne out of her Home - - - she walked me out to her back door steps - - and I automatically locked her Back-Door!   OOPS !   Thankfully, she keeps one of her doors UNLOCKED  (for Emergencies) - - I assumed this was an Emergency - - - Ms. Jeanne is on a Walker and could not have successfully walked across the Front Lawn without falling - - So I quickly walked across the Front Lawn & entered through the UNLOCKED Front Door and made my way to the Back Door & unlocked it.   - -Ms. Jeanne returned to the Comfort of her Home!   Yes, we still laugh about it - - although, I don't think it's too amusing - -  - but being in her 80's, I'm glad I can bring a little laughter into her life.

Another amusing story - - one of the other Couples to whom I deliver - - on the first evening, the Husband told his Wife, it's "the Blonde-Hair  Lady" from Church delivering Meals.   Now, I ask the Reader of this Blog  - - do you really think I'm a "Blonde-Hair Lady"  ?

When I first took this little assignment, it was only b-cuz.... Now, all the Recipients and I have developed a special Bond.  It's amazing how the Elderly really enjoy a home-cooked meal.  They are NOT in need of a meal - -  but it's truly a JOY to have a full-course meal delivered to your Home  - - - especially when you are ill.   And, it's all nearby the Church - - therefore, no need to travel far - - and I've found something I truly enjoy doing !  

In case you are wondering - - - tonight I just might get me a 'to-go plate' for myself !

Friday, December 16, 2016

Maw Young's - - - Kumquate Tree

I really enjoy being neighbors with the person that purchased my Maw-Maw's old house !  She occasionally lets me take an inside Tour - - - the Yard is not kept up as in the days of my Maw-Maw - - but I still enjoy going over and just looking !   Unfortunately, Lightening struck the Kumquate Tree next to the old House.  Limbs had to be cut - - and my Neighbor, Doris asked me if I wanted any Limbs !   Ofcourse I do !  I'll also give a limb or two to a few nearby relatives.

Doris told me to walk over to  "our" house 5PM on Friday and I could pick up all the Limbs from the ground that I wanted !   She has a vicious Dog in "our" yard - - so I must wait until she's Home.   This is also doing her a favor, whereby she does not have to pick up the limbs herself to destroy.  For whatever her reason, I'm very thankful & delighted to have the opportunity to get some Kumquate Cuttings !

My Cousin has talked me into Rooting a limb or two for her !   I happen to have some Potting Soil in my Yard (in pots) - -  It's Christmas - - so I think I will root a limb for my Cousin !  Let's just Pray that it grows ! 

I truly hope my Limb(s) grow - - I already know where I'm planting those- - (yes 'those' (more than one) - - - I plan to get 4 for my yard !  Maybe I'll end up with an Orchard !

A Small Fruit with Big Flavor

Thursday, December 15, 2016

'Tis the Season - - w/ Judson's "Old Folks"

I love my Sunday School Class of Ladies - - almost all of us in our mid-60's !   Our Ladies were asked to host the Christmas Luncheon for Judson's  - Yesterday's Youth (old Folks) - on Tuesday, Dec. 13.   There were about 75 of Judson's Senior Citizens attending the Lunch - - Three (3) of those Special People in that Group were my Sunday School Teachers from when I was a little Child - - many years ago - -  Imagine that !  (Mrs. Edna Covington - Mrs. Nelda Graham - & Mr. Flavous Galloway)   I enjoy hosting this Special Lunch so much that I take a Vacation Day from Work to participate!  I just Love Judson's Yesterday's Youth - - I just love my Sunday School Class !  - - - I just Love Christmas !

I know U are looking for pictures - - but - - they did take pictures at the Event - - but will not be put on their "Facebook Page" until mid-January......

Monday, December 12, 2016

'Tis the Season - - Election

Had to reserve last Saturday to perform my Civic Duty & Serve as Voting Commissioner - - (but, it is a paid position).

We are in one School Gym - - but with 4 Precincts.  Here's our Ladies - -there's about 3 or 4 Ladies per Precinct- - That's me on 2nd row - - far left !  Notice our stickers that say "I voted" !  It's such a long, but fun day - - as it's a great opportunity to Visit with Friends - Family - Neighbors - and special Cousins  that have come to vote - - and so much food to sample during the day !

Friday, December 9, 2016

'Tis the Season - - w/ Teri @ Istrouma - Dec 8

'tis the Season - - with Teri at Istrouma Baptist Church- on Thursday - Dec. 8 = = This is Teri's Home Church.   Since we both have Birthdays in December - - we include this as part of our 'annual' Birthday Celebration   An Evening of Christmas Treat Snacking - Fellowshiping with Friends - and Hearing the Blessed Christmas Story !  - - And, Teri & I share our Birthday Thoughts !  The Food is delicious ! But celebrating with my dear Friend, Teri is such a Blessing !  "Taste of Christmas" has become a great tradition for us !

        Teri  & Her  Sunday School Ladies  Hosted a Table !

Beautiful  Christmas  Tables ! - - Delicious  Food

                    So Much Delicious Food !

        Always time for the Christmas Story

Thursday, December 8, 2016

'Tis the Season - - Christmas Meals

'Tis the Season - - Christmas Meals - - - No, I do not cook those meals ! - - but I do deliver them - - (....well - - Did deliver those....)  but only on Wednesday evenings.  The Church cooks the Meals for our Wednesday Night Activities - - and I deliver to 3 Senior Citizens.   Two of those are the couple that share the Church Pew with me.  This sweet couple is currently going thru Chemotherapy.  She's a Seamstress - - and is always sewing on something !

The other Lady is in her 80's - - such a sweet, little lady.  Although last night I managed to lock us both out of her house.  She always walks me to her Porch Steps - -but I never saw her return inside as I was driving off.  So, I stopped to see what was going on!  Thank God, I double-checked----  She said we were locked out.    However, she keeps her front door un-locked - - so I actually ran around to the front & entered her little house - - and was able to unlock the back door.   She returned inside and everything was happily ever-after.  (It was too dark and rainy for her to run around to the front door.)    She could now eat her Supper !  She also has Family that lives next door - - with a key to her door!   As I was leaving and telling her bye (again), she was laughing - - - I'm sure she'll be telling this story to our Church Family.  

I must admit I scurry from Work to Church each Wednesday evening to deliver the meals by 5:30 pm - - - You know how Senior Citizens love to eat before dark !  - - But, last night was my last Wednesday night - - within this Season - - to deliver home meals. 

I realize I will truly miss these little visits - - - and the special home-made Dessert to which I was treated.  Hopefully, we'll re-kindle this Ministry in mid-January - - there's gotta be a few more Senior Citizens that could use a home-cooked meal.