Friday, September 23, 2016

All 3 Neices - - Celebrating - - Same Wkend ! ! !

Jennifer & Chris - - Celebrating Wedding Anniversary ! !
                                And - - 5 Years Later

Happy Birthday to Candace - - this Weekend

Congratulations to Aimee & Family

Adoptions Gala in Washington, D.C. - with Senator Bill Cassidy

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Welcome - - Fall !

Fall has Arrived !  It's time to truly Enjoy those moments as I sit on my Porch Swing each evening and Read - - Enjoy a Visit with a Family Member - - Enjoy a Visit with my S.S. Friend who frequently drops  by for a visit - - or Sit & Visit with my 'Favorite Neighbor' - - Watch the Birds & Squirrels on the Ground around my 'old'  Oak Tree as they enjoy the food made available to them each evening ! - - View the Beautiful Lantana Bushes beginning to blossom around my yard !  Fall also is the time to begin those much needed DAILY evening strolls Hikes through the Neighborhood with my Neighbor.  Prepare for the upcoming Fall Fest @ Church ! - - Prepare for the 2 Beautiful upcoming Holidays - - Thanksgiving & Christmas !   Fall has truly arrived.  I love Fall !

Welcome - Dylan Lane !!

My dear, Friend, Teri, welcomed her 7th GrandBaby - - Dylan Lane - - into the World a few days ago.  Oh what a truly, wonderful Blessing for this Special Family.  Teri was a victim in the Recent Historic Flood of 2016 - - not only her House - - but also her car! Thankfully, the vehicle can be repaired.  Little Dylan Lane certainly puts a bright new focus on everything!   Welcome, Dylan Lane !

Monday, September 19, 2016

Preparing for Election Day !

It was actually a JOY to make room in my busy weekend schedule as I attended the Required Election Class on Saturday - - -  The JOY was in visiting with some of my Special Friends who also serve as Election Commissioner on Election Day - - although, there were truly sad stories that were shared regarding the recent Historic Flood of 2016.  A hug & an encouraging Word seem to make it a little more bearable for those directly affected by the Flood.

We all hope to be the chosen few to serve as Election Commissioner on Voting Day - -                                            -   November  8
                                            -   December 10
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Something for Everyone !

You've heard about the Historic Flood - 2016

There's Something for Everyone to Do !
This  Sunday !

Attention Judson Family!
This Sunday 2-5 pm, meet in Judson parking lot at 2pm.
We will continue g
utting out homes, moving furniture,
hanging up sheet rock, ministering to families
You will be assigned a Team Leader & a House. 

Come prepared to work !

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Historic Flood - - 2016

                                        You've heard of the Historic Flood - August, 2016

It was a true Surprise - - no one planned on this !

The Denham Springs Exit Sign !

The Parish.....
BR.Flooding bf 0438.jpg

Very Close Family was affected - -
She has Been Blessed to have many Helpers


                   Close Friends Also Flooded

      Margo & Her Helpers


I humbly say that I did not Flood - - although, it was VERY close.  

The Neighbors on my Road quickly came to the Rescue during the Flood Recovery !

My Front Yard was used as a Boating Launch
as Neighbors parked their Vehicles as they traveled in & out by Pirogue.
One Neighbor & I met for the first time......

My Nephew, Trent & Fiance' used his Truck to Rescue People
They also used his Home as a Shelter for several days
They also used his Truck to go to the Store for those of us unable to travel thru Waters.

My nearby Uncle Jack also used his front yard as a Parking Lot for Neighbors
but Thankfully, had no water for a Boating Launch

My Uncle George came out to his nearby Farm & gathered Okra to cook for the 3 Families
that had Evacuated to his House during the Flood.  That's all he had in his Garden!

One Neighbor delivered Taco Soup via his Pirogue Boat.

 Very Special People have come to assist within the Parish from:
                                                                       -       Within our Own  Family
                                                                       -       Our Church Family
                                                                       -       Our Neighbors

                                                         I have met special Volunteers from: (to name a few)
                                                                       -       Out of State - Churches
                                                                       -       Out of State - Disaster Relief Teams
                                                                       -       Out of State - College Students
                                                                       -       Out of State - Sports Teams
                                                                                    *   The Baylor Baseball Sports Team
                                                                                    *   The Alabama Football Sports Team

I have been Blessed to make Friends with some of these Special Volunteers who traveled as far away as New Mexico - New York - Georgia - Texas - Mississippi - Tennessee - the Carolina's - California - Alabama.   Some of these Special Volunteers are being housed at my Home Church & other local Churches - - They have truly been a Joy to meet.

Majority of the Parish Schools & Day Care Centers were Flooded and therefore Closed.  My Sister & her Husband quickly came to the Rescue to Baby-Sit their 3 Grandchildren - -for about 4 weeks - - as the Parents returned to Work after the Flood.   Day Care Centers open on Monday - - It's back to Normalcy (?)    The Grandchildren & Grandparents were Blessed to enjoy "Field Trips" during their Time together.

Opportunities have allowed me to assist in very small ways - - - by doing so - - I've gone to Distribution Centers within our local Parish - -and have become acquainted with some "Very Small Local Churches" - but with a "Very Big Heart".

I also picked up & delivered FREE food  - - cooked & Served by Volunteers

It's been a Month now - - Recovery is slowly underway.  My Heart hurts for those affected by the Storm.  This has truly drawn us closer together.....with both Family & Friends & Neighbors & Volunteers - - and, New Friends have been made.

                                                                Acts of Love & Kindness have certainly been shared!