Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Walking" in V.B.S.

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This was my first Year to serve in V.B.S. at Judson as  I served along side with my Sunday School Ladies.  My position was that of a "Walker" - - With 512 students enrolled in V.B.S., it was very important that we "Walk" them to and from each Class.  We "Walked" them, took role in delivering them & in picking them up.  I'm very thankful to say I did NOT lose any children during my "Walks".

But - - while we waited for the Classes to end, we enjoyed the Home-Made Buffet prepared by our Special Kitchen Team composed of both Men & Women - - V.B.S. began @ 8:30 each morning - - so there were home-made Biscuits for Breakfast each morning - - and for Brunch there was always a Special Hot Dish surrounded by side dishes & many home-made Desserts.  No one was shy in serving themselves - afterall, we needed our energy in "Walking" the children to & from their classes. 

On the very first day of V.B.S., a dear Friend fell in the Parking Lot and had 2 Surgeries on her Arm during the first week of V.B.S.  But our Church Family came to her Aid.
It was truly a JOY to serve in V.B.S. during my Week of Vacation - - as I watched the Children learn about the Lord in not only Bible Study - but also in Music, in Missions, & in Crafts.   It was truly a Blessing to strengthen the Bond already established with my Sunday School Ladies.  Matter of fact, I enjoyed it so much, I signed up for the same age group (4th Grade) for next year.

Time will tell if it'll be on my week's Vacation from Work - - or - - during my Retirement Days !

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